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Research & Development Activities

Research & Development Activities
“Industry, Learning, Research and Utility” is the guiding principle for Transcom’s product positioning and development. Economic benefits from market support our research and development, thus forming a positive cycle and driving Transcom for better growth. Years of efforts and development has won Transcom widespread recognition among insiders: Eagle series sweeper is a top choice among all domestic competitive products; GSM/TD-SCDMA double-mode sweeper occupies over 60% of market share in China; T5 series vector network analyzer is recognized by growing customers for its high cost performance and has been applied in mainstream terminal production lines; Transcom owns a number of core patents and technologies for wireless communication and microwave testing instruments, and is titled as National High-Tech Enterprise and Shanghai Enterprise Recognition Award for High Growth SMEs in Technology. In addition, we are selected as the builder of Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Wireless Communication Testing Instruments and awarded a series of major scientific research tasks of China and Shanghai.

Our Infrastructure

Our organization is backed by a sound infrastructure that is outfitted with all the equipment. It has been divided according to work into designing, quality control, warehousing, and packaging unit. Moreover, this facilitates quality testing units of the manufactured signal analyzer, to make sure that these meet the quality standards.